Friday, 18 December 2009

So here I am with my first post on my new blog! Its now the second time that I have tried to be a blogger (last time I failed misserably) but hopefully this time I will be better at it! So if your interested please follow my posts!

The last few weeks have been really hectic. We have had a few Christmas themed events for work including a Shopaholics evening and a trip to the theatre to see the enourmous turnip! Tomorrow is also our works xmas party and its going to be xfactor themed, me and a few of the other girls are dressing up Moulin rouge themed -our ouitfits our all sorted and we do look pretty good! Not sure about the dancing and singing yet tho!

I have also been busy doing the usual run up to xmas bits and bobs including putting up decorations and wrapping tons of presents! I am looking foward to it this year - we are having xmas day here and Jack is at a good age, im looking foward to seeing him with his presents! Here is a pic of our xmas tree...

Last Saturday We went to take Jack and his cousin Brandon to see santa at Notcutts - they were both a bit unsure of santa but both enjoyed their presents!

Last Friday we had another baby shower at work, this time it was for our manager. This picture was taken at the end of the evening of everyone! It was a lovely evening and different to anything we have done before - a stars and sparkles themed baby shower! We had sparklers and everything - fab!

So over the last 24hours we have had alot of snowfall! Its the first time that Jack has really seen it, as last time he was only a few months old. I called work this morning as I was due in at 12 and they told me not to come in! - Bonus! So I have spent the afternoon with Jack cozy indoors and we also went outside for him to play in the snow. He wasnt quite sure about it - but loved looking at it and saying 'what's what?' alot!!

A view of the snow from my sons bedroom window...

Anyway..Here are some pages that I have done within the last few weeks. I do have more recent ones that I am yet to take pics of! post!

My friend Jess' baby girl - teagan was born at the beginning of November, this is the page that I completed from when we went to visit!

This page is in m yearbook, done using the My minds eye range of Halloween products!

This page is in my Majorca holiday album...

Thank you for looking..see you again soon! xx

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