Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Quick Update..

Hi guys,
No posts recently and I have a good excuse. My pc sort of died over the weekend, its in for repair at the mo, but I don't think its looking good. So it probably means we need a new one!
Will get back posting again asap!
Doily day is currently planned for this Sunday. But we will have to see if everything is up and running again by then!
I will have lots to show you as it was the Papermaze crop last Saturday, so I have a few things to show you from that. This Saturday I am also off to the create and co crop. So there will be lots to show, I have been busy!
Hope to be back soon!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

~Doily Day~

Is it just me or are doily's back in fashion again. They seem to be popping up in craft and home wear shops alot for me lately. I have brought a few different types of them to have a go with. About a month or more ago I brought a cheap pack with 3 different sized plain ones in, from a craft store on eBay. A week or so later I was in my local town centre and found some brightly coloured ones in a shop which had only just opened called paperchase - brilliant shop for any scrapper or stationary lover! These were more expensive though £4.99, but very pretty, again with 3 different sizes. Now they have some mini ones at Papermaze, you can see them here.
I have created a couple of projects this week using doily's and I am planning on a few more next week. In preparation for my 'doily day'! I will show you a few different projects using doily's in one day!
One of the projects also is now my new header for the blog. But I would just like to say now, as it is already on show, the layout that the butterfly circles feature on I scraplifted from two different layouts. The butterfly was lifted from this layout, absolutely gorgeous! I will explain more about my layout on 'doily day'!
Here are a couple of sneaks...

So look out for my 'Doily day' coming soooon!

~Heart Hanging Frame~

So whilst out and about last weekend I went into The Range - a popular shop for crafters in my area, but they also sell lots and lots of other things! Basically if you want something you could probably find it there.
Anyway I saw this frame on a shelf for only £1.99. I don't to a great deal of altering and am definatly not the best at it, but I thought I'd have a go with this. So here is what I came up with.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to hang on it yet, I'd like to find something pretty, but it will be having a place in my scrap room!

I used Basic Grey Olivia papers and a little bit of twine. I did a couple of layers of hearts in the centre using some chipboard shapes to draw around...

...and then created some embelishment at the top and the bottom of the frame. At the bottom I used some letters and a small strip of scalloped edge and a bunting at the top with some Martha Stewart butterflys as well.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely the rain :(

Thursday, 12 August 2010

~Cards Album~

So here it is as requested..
A couple of weeks ago I did a post showing 'my albums' I explained how I split up my pages into each album and what each one was for.
I had some interest in my album of cards that we received when Jack was born. So I have selected a few of the pages from this album to show you what it is all about.
Now I will warn you that this album was created in 2008 and since then my scrapping style has changed considerably. So if I were to do an album like this again now it would be in keeping with my current style.
At the time I wanted to create an album to store Jacks cards in as I would never want to get rid of them, so this was what I came up with..
I used a 12x12 album and normal cardstock pages for this album. I then cut the cards up and stuck in the front cover and then the message that was inside.

Where I had pictures of Jack with the person whose card it was, I also stuck a picture in with the card. Purely for something nice to look back on and add a bit more interest to the page.

As you can see from the pictures I have kept the embellishments to a minimum. Although as I said earlier if this was a recent album I would have probably come up with something a little different for the embellishments. However I don't think you need to do too much as the cards are effectively embellishments in themselves.

I hope that has given a little bit of inspiration! Again sorry about my old style pages with this post!
This week I have been working on a few things including a layout and a wall hanging frame. This one is finished and ready to post, so I'll be back soon with that!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 6 August 2010

~Echo Park Combination~

I have a layout to show you today, using Echo Park. Mainly the Sweet Summertime range but with a bit of a Walk in the Park thrown in as well!
I traced around an old die cut paper shape that I had to create the star.

I used some of the stickers from the sticker sheet and the alphabet which is also in this range.

I also used some pegs which I brought from the Scrap a go go show a few months ago, but you can buy them at lots of craft shops.

I used a couple of journalling spots, from Elles Studio.

Thanks for Looking

Thursday, 5 August 2010

...Where have I been?...Eating Cake!...

Well I have been busy preparing for and celebrating Jacks 2nd Birthday!
And what a busy week it has been!
On Friday it was Jacks last day in the 'baby room' at nursery, so I brought in a cake for him to share with his friends and gave the girls my camera to take a few pics.

Saturday was a very busy day indeed, with two party's lined up. The first was at a local children's soft play area called Birch Farm. This was from 11-1pm, the kiddies really enjoyed playing and then we had some food followed by another cake!

Later on at 4pm we had another party at my Mum and Dads house, which was for Jack and my Mum whose birthday it was on Friday. We had lots of family and friends round and sat in the garden and had a BBQ. Jack was very lucky and had lots of presents but was still more interested in playing in the garden with his cousin!

I asked my friend Yvie to decorate some cakes that I brought from asda and to make some matching cupcakes. They went down a treat! The blue pinwheels for Jack and the Green flowers for my Mum. You can visit here blog here..shes very talented indeed!

So its safe to say we had cake overload at the weekend!

Jacks actual birthday was on Monday and we went to Legoland Windsor. We had a really lovely day although because of the school holidays everywhere was absolutely packed! Some of the rides had a couple of hour ques. Even some of the little rides for Jack had long waits. But it was fine, we still got to enjoy lots of the rides and activities :)

Jack playing in Duplo land..

Lee and Jack in Miniland..

Jack with Lego Wendy from Bob the Builder..

In the maze..

We watched the pirates of skeleton bay show, which was very good.

When we got home Jack opened the rest of his presents! and then we were ready for bed!

A busy but fab weekend!
So not much time for scrapping and I have to say that lately I really haven't been able to get into it. I have been starting and not being able to finnish pages for a while now, I just don't have the inspiration to finnish them. But last night I sat down and made myself do a page and I actually finnished it and was happy with it! Just need to carry on now!
I'm off to photograph it in a bit (when the weather brightens up a bit!) and I'll be back to show it!
I have also had a request to show a more detailed version of my album of cards. I will prep this for some time in the next few days! If you have any requests of things you would like to see on here then please just ask! :D
x Anna x