Saturday, 14 August 2010

~Doily Day~

Is it just me or are doily's back in fashion again. They seem to be popping up in craft and home wear shops alot for me lately. I have brought a few different types of them to have a go with. About a month or more ago I brought a cheap pack with 3 different sized plain ones in, from a craft store on eBay. A week or so later I was in my local town centre and found some brightly coloured ones in a shop which had only just opened called paperchase - brilliant shop for any scrapper or stationary lover! These were more expensive though £4.99, but very pretty, again with 3 different sizes. Now they have some mini ones at Papermaze, you can see them here.
I have created a couple of projects this week using doily's and I am planning on a few more next week. In preparation for my 'doily day'! I will show you a few different projects using doily's in one day!
One of the projects also is now my new header for the blog. But I would just like to say now, as it is already on show, the layout that the butterfly circles feature on I scraplifted from two different layouts. The butterfly was lifted from this layout, absolutely gorgeous! I will explain more about my layout on 'doily day'!
Here are a couple of sneaks...

So look out for my 'Doily day' coming soooon!


  1. Hi Anna,
    Can wait to se what you've been creating, I've bought a few packs lately including the ones from Papermaze but as yet havent sat down and had a play with them.
    Take Care Hun Ju xx

  2. seems my comment didn't send right? Sily technology! I was wondering when your Doilie Day will be? As I would like to post something on the same day. Maybe we can start the beginning of an official 'day'! Email me if you want to keep it a secret on the blog :) xx