Saturday, 16 January 2010

..My Week..

Well this week we have had a few things going on...and lots of scrapping for me!

Lee has had this week off..mainly because he had lots of time off to use up and we had a few busy ish days.

Monday was pretty quite, but, on Tuesday we looked after Lees nephew Brandon for the day and night! We had a nice day though, Jack really loves him coming to play. We also took them to our local park...

A shot at the end of the day, with two tired boys!

Here are a few layouts that I have been working on (a couple from last week and a couple early this week)..

On Wednesday I worked as usual and came home to dinner on the table (lovely and very unusual) as I was going out to a workshop at make a snow page...
Thank you Wendy for a lovely evening and georgous page, I love it!

On Thursday during the day we had a delievry from ikea of Jacks new wardrobe and chest of draws, they look really good..but at the expense of my DIY expert Lee dropped the chunky piece of wood on my foot! Owwchhh, it still hurts now and I have been limping around for the last couple of days..bad times!
On Thursday evening I had to go out in the evening again, but this time for work, a Safeguarding children course. Not the nicest of courses but lots of important information and not actually boring at all! :)
Lastly today was the Crop day at Otley of my faourite Saturdays of the month. A chance to scrapbook and chat and shop..and we certinally DID shop..speading quite alot of money..but it was 20% off this month, may as well make the most of it!
This layout was todays kit..I did it a little differently than Vanessa did it, just moving bits around and using 2 pics instead of 1...(sorry about bad lighting..only just taken the pic)
One of the layouts I completed..

This was the Christmas challenge kit...with all of the lovely bits ond pieces this is what I should be able to see it and some of the other layouts on the scrap paper sissors blog soon...

Lastly..this is the lovely selection of bits that I got my hands on today...sooo love three today..

Thanks for looking, enjoy the rest of your weekends x


  1. Where was this crafty thing you went to...? Im amazed!

  2. Papermaze, a shop in Otley and they do crop days at the village hall x