Monday, 26 July 2010

~ Albums Post ~

A little bit later than planned, but here it is..
A week or so ago I decided to do something a little bit different and do a post showing how I create albums. I know a mixture of scrappers that create pages to make albums of certain things and those that just make pages, and put them in albums in no particular order, just as they make them. Personally I am an album maker, every page that I create has a place where I know it will go. So each of my albums has a theme to it. I think that how you use albums has to be a personal choice, of what works best for you :)
These are my albums..

The albums that I use are a mixture of Creative Memories (great quality, but quite pricey) and toploader albums, which I have got into more recently.

Above is my album for my pics of Jack (currently, and until the album is full)
Below is an album of our holiday to Majorca last year.
Now, I tend to have an album per holiday - because I usually take enough pics for that to work well! However when I first started scrapping I did just use to scrap pics of holidays so I have two older albums which are just of holidays.

This album is of all of Jacks cards from when he was born. I wanted to make a really simple album to display them in, as they are nice to keep, I wouldn't want to get rid of them.

This is one of my older 'holiday' albums that I have just mentioned. It was from several years ago now..oh how our scrapping styles change!

This is my all about me album. It starts with baby pics of me, right up until more recent ones. I need to replace this album for a D-Ring one, it is not even halfway full and already sticking out alot!

This one is an album of Jacks naming day in 2008. A lovely day with so many pictures, that I had wanted to create a whole album of it.

Probably the main album that I use is the year books, you may have noticed a few labeled in the pictures. Basically I used these for day to day events that happen in one year, such as birthdays, days out etc. I create a 'month' page which is then followed by usually 3/4/5 pages of things that we have done in that month. On the month pages I use a large Jenni Bowlin Calendar card, along with a few small pics from the month and make the page in the usual way. Sorry I forgot to upload the pic to show this!
I'd be interested to know how you all do your albums? If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them!
On another note...The 3 DT finalists were announced last week on the studio blog.
Congratulations to the ladies that made it! You can see the announcment here.
Sadly I was not one of them, which I was really disapointed with. I have been applying for lots of DT calls for the last 10 months. In the last month or so, I had got to a point with my scrapping where I thought I was good enough to finally make it and I did get so close. So for that reason it made me feel a bit sad..and I had a 'why do I bother' moment! Lol, but the next day I was fine about it and felt really silly for having spent the night before being so sad about it! I don't want to loose sight of why I scrap so for now, that is what I am doing :D
My baby boy is 2 a week today..arrrgggghh..where does the time go?? We will being spending it next Monday at Legoland. He also has two partys on Saturday, one at a soft play centre with his friends and another with the family later in the day! A busy weekend ahead with lots of pics to show, this time next week :D
Thanks for sticking with me, a very long post tonight I know!
Be back tomorrow with a layout :)
x Anna x


  1. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for sharing this, I'm a scrap a page and just pop it in an album, I really should be more organised, sorry about the DT position, I'm sure the right one is out there waiting for you as your work is great:)
    Take Care Hun Ju xx

  2. I love reading about how you create and organise your scraps, very interesting! You're going to have to move out soon so you can have a bigger Scrapbook room!! xx

  3. you have such an organised approach to your scrapbooking...its amazing! thanks for sharing.