Saturday, 13 March 2010

No Scrapping Im Affraid...

...I wish I could say different I really do! But it's not my working space is currently under construction.
Yes, It's being decorated and re shuffled..I do get bored of my rooms easily and like to have a change around every now and then. So as we are currently decorating and my scrap room was next on the seemed like the perfect oppertunity.
As you can see today it is half done, but hopfully will be finnished tomorrow - the painting that is, I do still have a few things that I would like to change in terms of storage, so that will probably take a few more weeks to sort out! I will post the finnished result!

Everything moved on to the space to work!!

Jack is finally feeling alot better now. So today we went for a little walk at a nearby lake, with play areas. We brought Jack's cousin Brandon with us, they love spending time together!
A happy chappy - so good to see after this week!

Thanks for back soon with some scrapping!
And a very Happy Mothers day to all of you Mummy's out there! Im looking foward to my second Mothers day! xx

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