Monday, 17 May 2010

Final Weekend Away Post ~ My Kits

Scrapbooking weekend away ~ My Kits

A while ago I designed and prepared a kit for the scrapbooking weekend away. Each lady recieved a kit upon arrival. I used Making Memories Flutter papers for this kit along with some stitching.
We had a challenge over the weekend to create a page using the kit - either copying it exactly following the instructions or making it totally different - at the end of the weekend I juded all of the pages and gave out a first and second prize.
I have to say all of the ladies did so well, and I felt very pleased that they had enjoyed doing it. Some of them had learnt new techniques as well and were really pleased with their end result.
This was my original page...
I choose Debbie as the winner...pictured below with her page. I chose her to win because she had never stitched or inked on a page before and she tried really hard..and the finnished result was fantastic!

I chose Sandra, for second prize, her layout was really beautiful and adapted to suit her own style.

Finally, all of the ladies with their finnished kit pages! Well done everyone! I feel very proud!

I have also been asked to make another kit for the next weekend away in October :D
So thats all from the scrapbooking weekend and I think thats enough blog posts for today lol!
Be back soon! Anna


  1. Hiya Anna,
    I love the layouts you finished on your previous post, they're fantastic [I would have chatted all weekend and probably not finished one so well done you] and the kit you designed looks fab - I bet you cant wait until October now!!
    Take Care - Ju xx

  2. Thank you very much, I really appriciate your comments! Yeah I can't wait until October, it was a fab weekend. Anna x