Monday, 17 May 2010

~*Weekend Away*~

Im back!!
From a lovely weekend away, just fun, food and scrapbooking! What more could you want! But of course I missed my boys lots!
It was a great weekend and I have lots to share, so I am going to spread it out over 2 or three posts.
In this post I will basically be bombarding you with pictures!
Anyway...we left about lunchtime on Friday afternoon to head up to the Claret Centre where the weekend was being held.
On the way we stopped off at Capture the Magic, to stock up on a few bits! We arrived there around half 3ish, we unpacked our things and saw our rooms before having a couple of hours to scrapbook before dinner..we then stayed up and scrapped until just before midnight, before heading up to bed.
Saturday was a beautiful day outside, so after lunch we took a walk (mainly for photo ops) as well as lots of scrapbooking! Sunday was quite a similar day...but before leaving we did a raffle and I judged my kit pages that everyone had made (more of that in a later post).
I did 8 and 3/4 pages this weekend lol..8 finnished and a 9th nearly there. Thats not a great deal of pages I know...lots of people did wayy more than me, but I was pleased with the end result of all of mine. On a normal scrapbooking day I would do 2 maybe 3, so that probably is the right amount for me at a weekend! that was the I am going to show you some general pictures that I took. Later I will do a post on the kits that I made for the weekend and the ladies finnished results, as well as the pages that I made!

Be back later!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast - cant wait to see your LO's